Welcome to Friendship Montessori School

Welcome to Friendship Montessori School

With exceptional teaching, individualized lessons, self-directed learning, and a culture of acceptance and support, Kent County’s educational jewel has offered first-rate Montessori education to children age 2-6 since 1992.

Friendship Montessori School is an Associate School Member of the American Montessori Society.


Our Philosophy

Why Montessori?

Dr. Montessori believed that the goal of education should not be to fill heads with facts or even to prepare a very young child for conventional schooling.  Our goal is to cultivate each child’s own natural desire to explore and learn. Because each child is unique, so too will be their path toward independence and joyful, life-long learning. 

“The education of even a small child, therefore, does not aim at preparing him for school, but for life.”-Maria Montessori


Our Programs

A Strong Beginning

FMS invites students age 2-6 to join our warm and welcoming school community. Our Pre-Primary classroom stresses the development of independence, self-reliance, social skills, and a love of learning. Primary students build the fundamentals of math and reading and hone practical life skills in addition to exploring science, history, and art. Our kindergarteners pursue advanced lessons in preparation for a successful transition to first grade.


I love everyone. I like work.  I like to learn new things because that shows I am getting bigger like my brother Sebby.

I like to do building work, that’s one of my favorites.  I like making my own picture and cutting out things.  I like Circle Time because I get to do music.  I love when my Love Light shines.

My favoritest thing is playing outside on the playground with my friends.

FMS gave all four of my kids an incredibly positive first school experience. They learned to read, solve problems, explore their world, and to value themselves and others.

A Bright Future

Our basic mission is to ensure each child has the strongest possible first school experience, nourishing and encouraging the innate love of learning that lies within us all. But we also prepare our students to possess the skills, knowledge, experience, community mindedness, and confidence they will need to thrive in any educational setting—and in every other setting they will encounter as they move throughout their lives.

We have paid close attention to what our students do when they leave FMS, and are proud to report that their educational careers have been exemplary.

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Open Houses

Due to COVID-19 there are no Open Houses at this time. Please email info@friendshipmontessori.org for an information packet and to arrange a visit.Thank you!

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Give the Gift of Friendship

Friendship Montessori School graciously accepts donations from those who would like to help further the mission of our school.

Donations are used to provide scholarship support to families who value this education but are unable to afford full tuition.

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