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A Bright Future
Our basic mission is to ensure each child has the strongest possible first school experience, nourishing and encouraging the innate love of learning that lies within us all. But we also prepare our students to possess the skills, knowledge, experience, community mindedness, and confidence they will need to thrive in any educational setting—and in every other setting they will encounter as they move throughout their lives.

We have paid close attention to what our students do when they leave FMS, and are proud to report that their educational careers have been exemplary.

All but three FMS graduates have continued on to college, attending some of the nation’s finest institutions, including Cornell, James Madison, MIT, Penn State, Vassar, Washington College, and Washington and Lee.

Of the FMS students who were eligible for the highly competitive new KCMS STEM program this year, 100% were accepted.


Approximately 85% of FMS alumni in Kent and Queen Anne’s public schools have made either the honor roll or high honors through middle school. One FMS alumna went on to be valedictorian of Kent County High School.

Equally important to us are the earliest outcomes of this experience—the light in the eyes of our youngest students as they come to understand that school is a wonderful place for gathering with good friends and that learning is not an obligation, but a central joy of living.

Our enduring mission is to preserve that light, that it might shine on always.

Anecdotally, our alumni report that their early years at FMS established certain expectations about what an education should be—expectations that informed their performance and experience in elementary, middle, and high school—and even beyond. Our alumni are leaders and role models among their peers. They are collaborators. They are problem solvers. They are expansive thinkers.

I love it here. I love my teachers and the works and having snacks and playing with my friends outside. I love reading and math and learning neat things about China.


I like to talk to my friends. And learning about different things about states and countries and what happens in them. I like reading books with my teacher Amy.


Kelly helps me learn to read with sandpaper letters. Amy helps me do art. Holli teaches me amazing things. I like singing with my friends and helping the little kids.


I’ve sent all three of my kids to FMS. My three year old loves school. My five year old is reading fluently. And my seven year old made a seamless transition to first grade.

—Matthew Swanson, parent

FMS graduates recognize the value of focus, the power of independent inquiry, and the joys of community. They are willing and able to work hard. They thrive.