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Open Houses

Due to COVID-19 there are no Open Houses at this time. Please email for an information packet and to arrange a visit.Thank you!

Come observe the looks of happy concentration as students puzzle through a new work. Experience the lively group spirit as children gather for Circle Time.
Come talk to our teachers, tour the classrooms, learn about Montessori philosophy, peruse the works, and ask any questions you might have.
But whatever you do, please do join us. The focus, joy, and energy that infuses our unique classrooms must be experienced in person.

Contact Us

Please contact us using our contact form if you’d like to schedule a visit outside of our regular Open House hours.
Note: we do prefer that parents not bring children on this first visit so that they might have an easier time observing our classrooms and talking with the teachers.
During a second visit, parents and teachers can observe the prospective student in the school environment to make sure the child will feel comfortable and that the teachers will be able to meet the child’s needs. After this second visit, parents can decide whether they would like to enroll.
Parents who are unable to attend an Open House but are interested in learning more about Friendship Montessori School at other times are encouraged to call to set up an appointment.